Basic information Sites you will wish to visit- most include further lists
Not so much a toolbox as a complete workshop: macros, tips, tricks, links . . .
Find here the Corel-provided web forum
A searchable web-based peer-to-peer WPO community
You need to register - which is as much of a nuisance as always -
 - it is free, and well worth the trouble
Resources for what many consider the best wordprocessor ever
The custodian is Edward Mendelson
Laura Acklen's WordPerfect Tips, Articles, Links, Official Updates and Books
Mike Koenecke's Modular Macros is finally released!
 - they configure themselves to your particular categories and field names - and there is more . . .
Barry wrote on 30 May 2018:
I contacted Doug Loudenback who gave permission to host his macro manual. See my site here